The European Parliament in Brussels lit up in gold for Childhood Cancer


The European Parliament in Brussels lit up in gold (1-6 September 2020) in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

We extend our deep gratitude to Honourable Vice-President of the European Parliament, Ewa Kopacz, for championing the European Parliament endorsement of this September’s ‘Shine Gold’ Campaign.  The lighting of the European Parliament building in Brussels (1-6 September 2020) brings much needed visibility to the persistent burden of cancers affecting children and young people, and is an important signal that the youngest citizens will not be left behind. Our entire European childhood cancer community is delighted that this year’s campaign has received such exceptional support.

Through the symbolic gesture of lighting the building in gold, the European Parliament is bringing it to the attention of all stakeholders and citizens that too many young lives are still lost to childhood cancer, but that the EU is well positioned to make transformational change possible.