COLLABORATING WITH PARTNERS: ESGO-SIOPE Guidelines for the Management of Gynaecological Cancers in A


In order to address the specific needs of teenagers and young adults, SIOP Europe is collaborating with the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO) on the creation of guidelines for the management of gynaecological cancers in adolescents. ESGO and SIOP Europe have each nominated a Co-Chair of the project, to participate in the guidelines creation and in the preparation of the resulting manuscripts. The Co-Chairs are Cristiana Sessa, ESGO Vice-President and Gabriele Calaminus, SIOPE Member. In addition, both societies have nominated experts in their respective fields to become members of the project working group, including a psychologist specialising in oncology. Patient representatives and advocates will also be included. The guidelines will cover the gonadoblastoma, sex cord, germ cell, and clear cell tumors and SIOP Europe and ESGO aim for the finalisation of the guidelines by spring 2019. For more information: