SIOPE News Roundup


The Parliament Magazine (1 April 2019): Childhood cancer: An urgent European problem Pamela Kearns calls on returning and candidate MEPs to pledge their support to paediatric oncology and haematology and sign the SIOP Europe and CCI Europe Manifesto. Read the article on The Parliament Magazine here.

Open Access Government (29 March 2019): European Elections 2019: Beating childhood cancer The European Elections 2019 Manifesto for the Paediatric Oncology & Haematology community has been launched, and it prioritises beating childhood cancer to aim for zero deaths. Read the article on Open Access Government here.

CancerWorld (11 March 2019): A Manifesto to put childhood cancers high in the European agenda The European Parliament that will be elected in the coming months has to deal with more than 35.000 new cancer diagnoses in children and young people, more than 6.000  deaths among young patients, and nearly half a million childhood cancer survivors by 2020 – 2025: these are some of the figures contained in the “Manifesto for the European Elections of 2019” just launched at the International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day event hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels by Italian MEP Elena Gentile with Slovenian MEP Alojz Peterle, who is President of the MEPs Against Cancer (MAC) Group, and Belgian MEP Lieve Wierinck. Read the article on CancerWorld here.

Health Europa (6 March 2019): Beating Childhood Cancer: Minimising deaths and late effects SIOP Europe and CCI Europe have the ambitious goal of beating childhood cancer, with the aim of curing more and curing better – towards zero deaths and zero late-effects. Read the article on Health Europa here.

SciTech Europa (21 February 2019): Paediatric oncology: Equal access to childhood cancer medicines FAIR (Fostering Age Inclusive Research) Trials is aiming to lower the age limits for clinical trials. SIOP Europe is calling for the age of entry to clinical trials to be reduced to 12 years in all early phase studies (where medically justified) to enable children/adolescents with cancer to have better access to medicines. Read the article on SciTech Europa here.

The Parliament Magazine (11 February 2019): Collaboration is key to improving the care of children with rare cancers The EU funded PARTNER project is set to improve research quality and treatment outcomes for children who have rare tumours, explain Professor Gianni Bisogno, Professor Ruth Ladenstein and Dr Andrea Ferrari. Read the article on The Parliament Magazine here.