Publication of "Tumors in Adolescents and Young Adults"

aya-bookSIOPE endorsed the publication of the book "Tumors in Adolescents and Young Adults" (Karger publishers). This book is a guide to the key issues for any clinician and health professional managing adolescents and young adult (AYA) with cancer in Europe. It is highly recommended to any oncologist or haematologist treating young patients diagnosed with cancer, as well as to the other members of the multidisciplinary teams involved with this patient group. Emphasis is on collaboration between adult and paediatric specialists. The chapters of the book cover cross-cutting issues such as disease epidemiology, systems of care, access to innovative therapy and late effects of treatment and survivorship for AYA-onset cancers. There are discussions of the latest developments and the most important cancer types for AYA, including the shared perspectives of adult and paediatric specialists. Throughout the book recurrent challenges to the AYA community are exposed and solutions proposed.