EORTC Courses for Patient Advocates and Survivors

 EORTC Patients

EORTC Cancer Clinical Research Methodology Course for Patient Advocates

4 -5 March 2016, Brussels, Belgium

 EORTC Survivors

2nd EORTC Cancer Survivorship Summit

31 March - 1st April 2016, Brussels, Belgium

An interesting EORTC Cancer Clinical Research Methodology Course for Patient Advocates will take place on 4-5 March in Brussels, Belgium. This stimulating two-day training experience to European patient group leaders aims to empower patient advocates by providing a greater understanding of the whole clinical trials process, including aspects such as cancer biology, personalised cancer treatment and care, the organisation of clinical research and, very importantly, how patient groups can become more involved in the design and implementation of clinical trials. Our Society has been asked to contribute to another important course organised by EORTC, the 2nd Cancer Survivorship Summit, which will take place on 31 March - 1st April 2016 also in Brussels. This Summit aims to discuss the specific needs of cancer survivors and to facilitate interaction among several types of participants, in order to setting the programme of guide future research and health policies in Europe in this field. SIOPE is pleased to announce the session dedicated to survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer, co-chaired by A. Ferster and our Past President G. Vassal. Followed by a panel discussion with all speakers, this session will cover several aspects related to childhood cancer survivorship: from this relevance as a major goal in the SIOPE Strategic Plan (M. Schrappe) to data and initiatives to improve long term follow-up (L. Hjorth); from the personal experience of being a childhood cancer survivor (A. Tsirou) to the Survivorship Passport initiative (R. Haupt), ending with a report from the EORTC Children Leukaemia Report (C. Piette).

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