SIOPE BTG Steering Committee 


The SIOP-E Brain Tumor Group group is currently chaired by: Darren Hargrave 


Tumor Working Group chairs:

LGG Working Group: Astrid Sehested

HGG Working Group: Dannis van Vuurden

Ependymoma Working Group: Ana Fernandez Teijeiro, Kristian Pajtler, Stephanie Bolle

Embryonal Tumour Working Group: Simon Bailey

GCT Working Group: Matt Murray

ATRT Working Group: Franck Bourdeaut

Craniopharyngeoma Working Group: Hanneke Van Santen, Geert Janssens

CPT Working Group: Uwe Kordes

Rare CNS embryonal tumors: Katja von Hoff


Discipline group chairs:

Quality of Survival Group: Anita Puhr, Thomas Traunwieser, Katrin Scheinemann

Imaging group: Paul Morgan, Giovanni Morana

Neurosurgery group: Uli Thomale, Kristian Aquilina

Radiotherapy group: Ajith Thankamma, Geert Janssens

Young investigators, training and education group: Guirish Solanki, Claudia Faria

MB/PNET Biology and Pathology: Olivier Ayrault

Nursing: Helen Paisley


Young SIOPE liaison for BTG: Katrin Scheinemann

Communication: Katrin Scheinemann


More information on SIOP-E Brain Tumor Working Groups.