NCCP project

Aims and objectives

The goal of the National Cancer Control Plans (NCCP) project is primarily to map, analyse, and provide an overview of the childhood cancer content of NCCPs (National Cancer Control Plans) of all EU Member States, the UK, and other countries across Europe as of 2022. In addition, its goal is also to advocate that each NCCP should have a comprehensive childhood cancer programme at the time when Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan dedicates a distinct section to this population.

The NCCP project objectives are as follows:
•    To retrieve NCCP documents of all countries
•    To apply a pre-defined methodology for extracting childhood cancers’ content from NCCPs
•    To summarise the childhood cancers’ content of each NCCP  
•    To rank the level of comprehensiveness of each NCCP regarding its childhood cancers’ content
•    To quantify the number of NCCPs in relation to their childhood cancers’ content according to pre-defined criteria
•    To summarise the state of childhood cancers’ inclusion in NCCPs across Europe in a peer-reviewed journal publication

NCCP project  (National Cancer Control Plans)

Two twinned projects currently concentrate the efforts of our Policy team. These projects are being worked on in parallel because they both address inequalities across Europe. They are the Organisation of Care & rEsearch for children with cANcer in Europe project (OCEAN) and the National Cancer Control Plans Project (NCCP).
Both projects anticipate having manuscripts published within the next few months.