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SIOPE-ENCCA Case Studies

SIOPE-ENCCA Case Studies are provided by SIOPE and supported by the ENCCA consortium as part of its education and training programme. Clinical cases focus on specific and new treatment protocols in the field of paediatric oncology are shared online every two months. Participants are briefed with the background and then have the chance to put their diagnosis to the test. The author of each study also provides discussion to clarify the case as well as any recommended links for further reading. SIOPE Case Studies of the Month are ACOE accredited - worth 1 CME credit each. Do you want to share an interesting case study with us? Interesting case studies can be sent to SIOPE: upon editorial review and approval, we will select one which will be published online. For more information on the cases submission, please click here or contact the SIOPE office at office<at> (please replace <at> with @).

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A precious cross-discipline resource for European young oncologists, Oncovideos - Developing Vocational Skills in Oncology through e-Learning is an online library of videos showing standard procedures related to various oncology disciplines.

This series of 24 practice-oriented videos, funded by the EU, feature leading experts demonstrating standard procedures in different oncology disciplines, namely surgical oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, neuro-oncology and paediatric oncology. Experts are selected by the European societies representing their specific oncology discipline, including of course SIOPE for paediatric oncology. Each video last a maximum of 30 minutes and avails CME credits.

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