Imaging and Advanced Guidance for Workflow Optimization in Interventional Oncology


About the Project

IMAGIO will mature the next-generation interventional imaging across the full spectrum, from pre-clinical developments to impact validation in clinical trials. Expertise on Interventional Oncology and immunotherapy will be leveraged from pioneering clinical research centres and leading industry covering the full value chain of oncological care, as well as cancer patient and professional organisations.

Project Goals

IMAGIO will leverage Interventional Oncology in the clinical setting to improve the cancer survival outcomes, through minimally invasive, efficient, and affordable care.

Project Objectives

  1. To provide minimally invasive, efficient, and affordable care pathways for three disease states: liver cancer, lung cancer and sarcoma
  2. To raise awareness on the availability of emerging care pathways integrating novel imaging technologies and immunotherapy for personalised cancer diagnosis and treatment


SIOP Europe's Role in the Project

The European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOP Europe) will explore whether and how advances made in IMAGIO could accelerate treatments and improve clinical outcomes for paediatric patients in the future. Links will be established with the SIOP Europe Clinical Research Council, representing the entire paediatric oncology clinical research community across Europe and the SIOP Europe Imaging Working Group, composed of a dedicated group of paediatric radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians. The group focuses on the general improvement of diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapies in children with cancer, including introduction of new innovative imaging techniques and quality control issues relevant to the imaging community.