EU Network of Youth Cancer Survivors


About the Project

The project will help deliver on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan commitment to put childhood cancer under the spotlight and improve the quality of life for survivors, with synergies across a number of Flagship initiatives and other activities in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

Project Goals

The aim of the Youth Cancer Survivors (EU-CAYAS-NET) to establish an EU Network of Youth Cancer Survivors by bringing together existing stakeholder organisations, and through this network, improve social networking and develop a platform to improve links amongst individuals, patients, CAYA cancer survivors, carers, researchers, and social and health professionals active in cancer prevention and care across the Union.

Project Objectives

  1. To include health promotion and reduce disease burden
  2. To reduce health inequalities and to improve access to care
  3. To improve patient/survivor rights

SIOP Europe's Role in the Project

The European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOP Europe) is working on WP4, whereas an online Roundtable will be organised by SIOP Europe, with the support of YCE, CCI Europe, PMC, MUV, FJD/HSJD and PanCare to engage in dialogue between healthcare professionals and young cancer survivors that results in joint practical recommendations for clinical practice and policies for the treatment and care of adolescent and young adults with cancer. Invited participants include policy leads and Board members of European Associations of Healthcare professionals, including medical oncologists, surgeons, radiotherapists and radiologists and cancer nurses as Beating Cancer Plan implementers DG Santé, Commissioner for Health and European Parliament Members.

SIOP Europe is also working on WP5 - EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion).

Consortium members led by SIOP Europe will conduct an audit of EDI policies & practices in healthcare settings through an online survey.