CRC Composition

The SIOPE Clinical Research Council (CRC) regularly gathers and has a formal structure. CRC members are representatives of either the European Clinical Trial Groups (ECTGs) or the National Societies of Paediatric Oncology (NaPHOS).

The 2015 composition of the SIOPE CRC

As announced during the SIOPE CRC Meeting during the ENCCA General Assembly (19th December 2015, Brussels, Belgium), our community decided to renew the structure of the SIOPE Clinical Research Council.  Therefore, a Call for Membership Application was officially launched, asking representatives of each group/society to apply for the membership of the new SIOPE CRC. This renewed Council is now composed of representatives of the NaPHOS and ECTGs in Europe (1 representative per group/society), appointed by the Chairs and leaders of each group/society. The CRC membership process was finalised and the renewed Council today is composed of 49 prominent representatives of the paediatric haematology-oncology field in Europe.

SIOPE CRC Main Representatives

It was also decided that there won’t be one Chair of the Council but there should be two “Main Representatives” (co-Chairs) per each of the two categories represented in the Council, namely NaPHOS and ECTGs (the formerly nominated “ECRC Steering Committee”, which was created in January 2013 has been discontinued as an outcome of the decisions taken on this occasion).

  • SIOPE launched a call for nomination for the two co-leading “Main Representatives” amongst the new SIOPE CRC Membership. This call resulted in the successful nomination of seven distinguished candidates from our community.
  • The new Council then elected  two “Main Representatives” who will be in charge of jointly coordinating and leading the activities of the renewed Council. They would also become members of the SIOPE Board.

CRC “Main Representatives” are:

  • Carmelo Rizzari (Italy) for the role of Main Representative of ECTGs
  • Tomasz Szczepanski (Poland) for the role of Main Representative of NaPHOS


Last update: 12 March 2020